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WebEnv founded in 2000 in Tainan, Taiwan in the beginning was a manufacturer to design and produce network equipment for server room environmental monitoring. Our mission was to provide safety and protection for both people and property. Over the past decade we were dedicated to IT systems integration services and network devices solutions under the information security environment. With the advantage of the environmental monitoring and network application experience, we became the value added partner of HP and have successfully built server-ambient integrated network monitoring platform for enterprise data center.

We experienced rapid growth and resulted in an impressive track record of innovative solutions and products, which enable our international customers to protect and maximize their business operations in a secure and efficient manner. WebEnv has been moving toward a leading company to provide total solutions and network devices for embedded and/or wireless sensors network. We established branch office in Taipei in 2013 and have wealthy concentrated on the design and construction of enterprise green data center environmental monitoring, indoor air quality monitoring, airport field of security surveillance, intersection real time monitoring, door access control, air conditioner operation scheduling, intelligent electric meter cloud system, medical device data service and so on.

Our team members, since 1996, were already introduced in the field of information security, to the well-known enterprises and governments in the south of Taiwan to build numbers of information security environment. We combine the expertise of professionals in various fields, providing customers to quickly respond to technical services and improve the professional consultants. Trust each other with discipline is WebEnv's culture and is formed so called WebEnv Way.

We have the privilege of working with some of the most well-known companies over the whole of Taiwan and great China. Our clients engage us in ways we help them solve business problems and deliver efficient services, solutions or products. We view our clients as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve results they can measure. With very experienced in sensors network and environmental monitoring we get as good as the reputation of our clients, and we willingly put our own reputation on the line to ensure that they get as much out of the relationship as we do.


2014/06    COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 Exhibitor
2014/03    WSN T&H Launch
2014/03    Product Launch: ST-Master PDU
2013/11    eCT Electric Meter Cloud System Release
2013/04    Product Launch: ST-24, ST-16, ST-8
2013/01    Modbus PDU Launch
2012/12    PDU series & Module Launch
2012/04    HP SIM Samrt Pack Event Exhibitor
2012/03    eGauge Real Time Dashboard System Release
2012/01    STM Module Development and Design
2011/06    Product Launch : Smart PDU
2011/04    SecuTech 2011 Exhibitor
2010/11    Product Launch: PDU-KWH, Dual-PDU-KWH, Novio-HEAT
2010/10    TAITRONICS 2010 Exhibitor
2010/10    Product Launch: NetSmart
2010/08    Product Launch: Novio-2TH, Novio-2TH-4AI, Novio-6DIO
2010/06    HP Technology@work 2010 Exhibitor
2010/06    COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 Exhibitor
2010/04    SecuTech 2010 Exhibitor
2009/10    TAITRONICS 2009 Exhibitor
2009/10    Product Launch: Micro-2AI
2009/07    Product Launch: Embedded Web-Based Novio Family
2009/01    Solution Launch: HP SIM Smart Pack


With advanced technology for designing scalable environmental monitoring network devices, WebEnv integrate single platform for network management, server performance, hardware failure alert, environmental monitoring, power consumption and energy saving management. We also provides complete information security solutions, training and expert consulting services for over hundreds of installed base in variant industries including telecom, healthcare, education, government, manufacture and so on. Our vision is:

To be a leading service and solution provider of embedded/wireless sensors network for Internet of Things (IoT).

Technology Focus    Embedded/wireless sensors, networking technology and server equipment.
Business Trend     Integration & virtualization solutions/services.
Marketing Objectives    Plumbing, mechanical, electrical engineering and CCTV Operators.